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Animals of the Rainforest ~ #8 POISON DART FROG

Continuing with my series of many of the Rainforest animals. 

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8. Poison dart frogs are known for their beautiful colors, and amphibians that have toxic skin secretions tend to have bright warning colors or patterns. 

The poison dart frog uses its color to warn predators of the toxic venom the lies within its skin. Indigenous cultures often use this frog’s poison to coat the tip of blow darts used for hunting.

Poison frogs in general can live for over ten years in human care. The tri-colored poison frog should be able to live from 12 to 20 years. However, the destruction of rainforest habitat by fires and by humans for farmland has contributed to the decreasing numbers of these frogs in the wild. 

Unfortunately, the illegal pet trade has also affected their existence. Finally, like many other species of frog and amphibian, these species faces the potentially devastating effects of the chytrid fungus.

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