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An interview I have done

I have done an interview because of the publication of my new book: “El cumpleaños de Natalie Davis”. Follow the link to read it: An Interview with Halcombe

It was exciting to do this interview and give the answers. I tried to give interesting answers so that the reader could have a nice experience reading it and could be interested in the book. This interview is in Spanish. An Italian website talked about my books not long ago as I am writing about an Italian series in my blog Ser un Tusitala (I published the first chapter on Virily too but the coronavirus crisis has stopped this project temporarily) If you are fluent in Italian you can read it following this link Halcombe Norilsk in Italian

I am not fluent in Italian but as I am Spanish I almost understand everything they are saying.  The interview I have done has been a great experience and I wanted to share with all of you here on Virily.

  • Will this interview improve the sales of the book???

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. If you’re targeting an Italian audience then yes sure it can work but also research to ascertain if they are still currently on focusing on the pandemic in their country.
    But then again sometimes depending how you market your product it may work as comforting distraction.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment. The interview I have done is in Spanish. I have included an Italiana website that talked about my books but my new book is only in Spanish. We will see what happens. Thanks a lot for your comment.

  2. Any promotion helps with sales. To find out if a person’s blog obtains plenty of views, go over to and put the site in. For the Editorial Adarve site, his site shows up on Page 2 on Google searches, so you will have plenty of people see this interview that speak Spanish. As a comparison, Virily has a page rank of page 4, so the site of the person that interviewed you has a better ranking than Virily.

  3. The interview can be considered a book promotion, and any promotion helps the sales! It would have been best to be able to launch the book in a bookstore in the presence of the public. But I suspect that such actions are not allowed now. Congratulations, again!

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