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Alphabet Crazy Challenge – Avion

Our friend Alibb has started an interesting challenge – The Alphabet Crazy .

Rule number 5 allows us to post non-English words but we have to explain its meaning, so that we can learn from each other!I find this rule very fun. I don’t know how many “languages” are present on Virily, but, at the end of the challenge it would be fun to learn at least one word in several languages. 

The Romanian alphabet currently contains 31 letters and uses the 26 characters of the Latin alphabet to which is added a series of 5 additional characters formed by applying diacritical signs: Ăă, Ââ, Îî, Șș, Țț

Let’s start with the simplest word that starts with the letter A in romanian language:

Avion = plane  in english

  • Will you tell me in a comment how to say “plane” in your language?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu


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  1. The Swahili language is spoken in East and Central Africa as the national language. English is the official language. Then, we have got other tribes but in order to understand each other we have to speak Kiswahili or English.
    My mother tongue (native language) is Gikuyu.
    In Kiswahili, it is ndege. You pronounce the word as it is (n-de-ge). In my native language it is (ndîgî). It is pronounced (de-ge). N is silent.

  2. Since I speak both English and Latvian fluently I will tell you the word in Latvian. It is lidmasina. the problem with Latvian is that its letters require symbols to make the sounds long or short or sh or ch sounds but anyway I did my best but to pronounce it it would sound like lid-ma-sh-ii-na and it is a combination of two words lid from lidot or flying and masina from car so in translation flying machine. The Internet does it better and this is what I got from them

    airplane/airline: lidmašīna (LIHD-mah-shee-nah) you can see the symbols used in Latvian to write the word.

    • Thank you for the excellent explanation. You are a great teacher!!! You made me read about the Latvian alphabet and language. Now I know three Latvian words – “lidmašīna, lidot and masina”! ? The word “masina”? also exists in Romanian and means the same thing as in Latvian.


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