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I wonder if the writers can figure out what is happening here on my account? I usually get paid regularly but for some reason, the figure as shown, ($18-35) was not paid out. What has happened instead, today is that the amount owed has been reduced to $8-35 as on 01/08/2019

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  1. Yes they paid with everyone as before and I’m expecting about $10 the next time. In the three years I’ve been with them, I received several payments, my problem this time was because they weren’t updating their statistics and their figures showed $30 owed to me and I had no idea why they didn’t just pay out 3 installments of $10 until you explained the shortfalls and carryovers to me.

  2. I still think it’s funny that no one can link anyone to a page that explains the change that was made. Now they pay a month behind? That changed since last time I got paid. When did that change? Do they only respond to questions fro Verified users? Next I’ll find out that only verified users get paid? My dashboard hasn’t been updated since June. Or rather it was updated, showed $14 and then un-updated. NO RESPONSE FROM VIRILY. Users shouldn’t have to try to decipher policies. Where is my update from July?

  3. I obviously did not “read” your article” as, sadly, there are a great many posts I cannot find time to read, our writing fraternity has grown to a total in excess of 5000 members, (not sure of the exact figure). I might be misunderstanding you yet again, pardon me for this in advance, but are you saying, that if we have a short-fall, (less than $10) in a month, we won’t be paid at all. ie. the next month’s earnings, do not get added to cancel out the negative balance, and we simply lose it?

    • I guess it is time for me to write a post about payment problems. Wonder if they will approve that? Well into August and I have not been paid. They did undo my dashboard update though. But no payment.

      • Hello Howard, I’m slow to anger and hugely tolerant of technology but I truly feel you ought to speak your mind. I always think, what if someone just hasn’t the heart or temperament to complain, waits for someone, you, me, to draw attention to a mutual issue?

  4. Linda is right. Your payment is coming the end of August.

    July 2019, they paid early (a full week early). Normally they finalize the dashboard on the last day of the next month.

    This time (July) they finalized on the 24th. That means you have a pending total that does not include the last week of July.

    Payment is coming! But not until August!

  5. I reached the minimum and more days ago but my dashboard is not updated.
    I am just waiting to open the champagne bottle as it will be my first payment
    Needless to say I am at a loss how the calculations are made as what is shown on the dashboard is way wrong compared to what my profile shows.

      • Good to know that but I appreciate if I get comments on my posts.

        I do not want to know about your past but do get back and contribute. Newbies will benefit

      • I don’t think you got it right either Grace, what happened since the above screen capture in July $18-35, I did another screen capture in August when the amount was up to $30-64 to be paid. Today, 03 September the amount has dropped to $20 and no payment into my PayPal account. The bottom line, no gets the system, because there isn’t one and if you make too much noise, you get suspended like (Tasartcraft) it’s almost like the cold war again. Lol.

  6. What it looks like is that you had $8.94 at the end of last month and have $9.41 so far this month, which means you will get paid the end of this month…but you were short last month??? Or is this not correct?