Hello folks still trying to keep this site alive, blessed art thou!

The title, (LIFE IN 50 CHARACTERS) says, communication, I.E. comments, have not died if you do it this way: 

Two things that keep me writing here on Virily! They are Amazon advertising and also half a page of unknown sponsored ads. Now, anyone who has a blog site knows, that ads are not free nor are they cheap. The ones that are featured like clock-work, on Virily, say, someone is paying for them and also collecting revenue when clicked on.

The comments are still not working but when your comments are not longer than 50 characters, (spaces and punctuation included) your comment appears on the writer’s inbox. I have a free tool you can use to ensure you don’t exceed 50 characters, it’s called word counter it is really a useful tool, check it out. 

If you need to communicate with a person who has commented, you can make use of the Virily messaging app. I use it to communicate with several writers already.

Virily admin has never shortchanged me right up to September 2020 when I received $11-40. Sadly, they don’t share their burdens with the writers, they never really have in 4 and a half years that I have been here. 

I was paid a total of $350-46 over this period which in my currency, (South-African Rands) can buy a lot of things. 

We who are still here, hoping this great site will improve, should, as far as possible read, comment, and post each other’s articles on your Facebook, Twitter, and  Pinterest pages. The owner of the article you are posting, gets views and so do your acounts gain readers. Also, I suggest, reading and commenting on the unknown Editor’s daily posts and asking him/her to tell us what to do, going forward.

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