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Spring Is Here… Or Is It?

So I said that I am tired of snow and I only want to see flowers from now on. We are halfway there!

I know that the angle and the composition of the photo are very awkward. It was hard to take this photo and I was really cold. I knew that there were flowers somewhere, but this is the only one I was able to find. Then the battery of my phone died, so this is the only decent photo I was able to take. I think this is the exact same flower I took a photo of a few days ago; see the previous photo here.

How would you crop this photo?

At least, the birds are back. Here’s a hawfinch and a sparrow at the back. Again, I wish I had a better photo, but that’s all I can do through the window. What’s more, they are messy eaters and they made the glass so dirty! XD 

See more winter bird photos here, here and here.

I hope the weather is better at your place!


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  1. I like both photos Ellie, the composition is fine. Regarding the weather the heat in January has been the most hot and humid weather for Auckland than ever before. Its not so bad now. I don’t mind heat but 90% humidity is very draining and at times could barely breathe.
    NZ is a great place though. Swimming is an excellent idea.


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