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1st May – Labor Day

The holiday of the work (also known as the first May) is an international holiday of work, which is celebrated on May 1 each year in most countries of the world, with the rare exception being the United States. The holiday is an original memory of the bloody demonstrations in Chicago, USA, in these days of 1886, known as the Haymarket Incident, as well as the greatest celebration of the social and economic achievements of the international workers’ movement. Due to the political left inspiration of the holiday, the first May, throughout its history, was a remarkable event for the demonstrations of various socialist, communist and anarchist groups. The tradition of the first May as an international holiday of work began in 1886 with the Haymarket Incident, when the Federation of Crafts and Workers’ Associations succeeded in achieving the Canadian workers’ movement in particular in 1872, demanding more workers’ rights, including, in particular, a 8-hour worker. In order to support the pressure of workers ‘organizations in order to enter into force this law on May 1 of this year, workers’ trumps were organized in Chicago and started a general strike. Following these events, this May Day in the working circles was held for the holiday of work, which people celebrated with various rituals, among others in the mass of lands, burning fires in memory of the events of 1886. In the 20th century, the first May acquired the official status the holiday work, starting in the Soviet Union. Celebrations of the working day during the Cold War in the Communist countries took the form of large military parades and government-supported assembly of the workers

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  • In the evening before the feast, you light up the fires?

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    • Thanks for viewing and friendly comment….It’s a tradition … it’s burning on April 30th in the evening … no danger is extinguished by the firefighters and are present until the fire is completely destroyed

    • Thanks for viewing and friendly comment….In our country, the burning of the fresco is an old tradition … we start lighting the evening in the evening, the day before the holiday … 30.april

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