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Wander projet Norway

We took three cameras to Europe with us; we ended up using two extensively, one was a video camera. We do have a few videos from Europe and posted those on our Youtube family channel along with yesterday’s weather feed.  I find the memories flow when I see these pictures. We arrived in Gelsinger, actually taking a journey down the Fjord. We have video and pictures of both coming down and going out the Fjord. We were only in Gelsinger for 6 hours or so. Gelsinger is a huge camping destination in Norway. Lots of people love to set up their campers just outside the city. The funny thing is the city itself is not where the cruise ship ferries land.

We landed in a small tourist trap area. It, the tourist trap looked like Wisconsin Dells or Nashville, Indiana.  A tourist trap like any in the US.  But we had a blast. The first place we went to was the gift shop. We ended up buying the four trolls that live with us now. Captain Lars the gnome/troll that lives on our boat, the moose crossing guard that lives in our kitchen and the lucky gnome that lives upstairs. The three trolls or gnomes are part of the family now. The fourth, the laughing troll /gnome, lives with my daughter at her house now. All four rode home in my suitcase and ended up surviving the trip. They would ride in my luggage for the rest of the cruise and three airplane flights.

Well, four flights. We flew from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, Amsterdam, to Copenhagen. Then Copenhagen to Iceland and Iceland to Baltimore. The stopover in Iceland was a lot of fun. Although last summer, the airline we went on (WOW!) went out of business. I heard there were people stranded for a day or more in Rajecvick. There was no, refunds or money returned. So they were out the cost of the original ticket and the new tickets to get home. Wow! Formerly Iceland air or Air Iceland is now no longer doing business. They were a cheap alternative for flying to Europe. But, this is about the crew making a beeline to the bakery. The twins, my daughter, and my wife wanted something sweet!

my wife took this picture this is me (in red) the twins and my daughter making a beeline for the bakery!

the bakery!


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