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Wander project what my grandfather saw

The pictures today are from my father’s father, part of what my grandfather saw series. As I’ve mentioned, my grandfather often labeled his picture collection by the year the pictures were taken. Some years were more prolific than others. The reality of the pictures my father took early in his photography journey and the ones my grandfather took his entire journey is that they were taken on a film camera. Many of my grandfathers filmed to slide. I think my fathers were closed for many years to 50/50. Half, slides and half printed pictures. The evolution of cameras to digital changes the number of pictures you can take. I have 5800 slides take by my grandfather from 1956 until roughly 1972 when he passed away.

My daughter and I captured many pictures (as did my wife and the twins although they took many fewer) around 6000 pictures on our last trip to Europe.  Digital cameras don’t cost six bucks for the film (they used to come in fun metal or plastic cans). Then another 8-10 dollars to process the film and create prints. That was why my father built a darkroom in the house. Although if you factor in the cost of that room, and the chemical and paper I suspect based on the reality of economics, his later pictures were more expensive. It cost anywhere from 40 to 60 cents to take 36 pictures and have them processed and printed onto slide or photo paper. Photography was an expensive hobby.

Now you can take pictures at a much lower cost. We have a wonderful Olympus camera that cost around 500 us dollars. I am currently working on the 9000th picture taken with that camera. That puts the per picture cost at less than 5 cents per picture. That cost, of course, will go down over the summer. I suspect we will take 2000 or more pictures this summer dropping the cost per digital picture down to 3 cents or less per image captured. If you only take pictures with your cell phone, your cost per picture is a lot higher. When you factor the cost of the phone and the service, you are probably running 10 to 12 cents per picture. Far less than the cost of a film camera.

Now we can discuss the reality of ability. My Grandfather and Father were better photographers than I am. They were careful and studied each picture before taking it. I just take 100 in the time they would have taken 2. Volume isn’t quality!

my grandmother did not have a hanging garden!

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