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Have you ever seen this type of bug?

I was  walking on the street some days ago, well, it was my dog and I, and I saw the bug you can see...

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A visit to the Sagrada Familia temple

My mother and I visited the Sagrada Familia temple few days ago, and I was able to take some pictures. Here's one with a...

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Big palme tree (Barcelona)

My mother and I visited this morningt the  Sagrada Familia temple in Barcelona. We attended 11 am mass, and I saw this big palm...

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Everything was so green!

This picture is from last year. We spent a weekend with my husband's family at a rural house, North of Spain. We went for a...

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Holy Week – Barcelona

We visited Barcelona last Holy Week, and went to a show at the Sagrada Familia Temple. It was a lights and music show. Unfortunately,...

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