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Rivers have been the lifeblood for human civilization. The origin of humans comes from an area where their rivers meet. Humans have used rivers for transportation, cities as the basis of life. The great rivers are taught in school. The Amazon, and Nile rivers long and evolving throughout their longs runs. The Amazon is starting in the mountains and rolling across all of South America. The Nile, beginning in a lake now, but once deep inside of Africa, moving into Egypt and flowing past the great pyramids. Rivers have long been the lifeblood of human civilization. Some rivers are even considered holy, their very water rising above simple drinking, simple transportation to holy status.

The Chao Phraya river in Bangkok is such a river. A bathtub and water supply that flows through the city. A provider of watercress. Watercress is eaten but also used to make baskets. It is more; it was once the great highway of the original water city. Some call Bangkok the Venice of the East. But that is a misnomer, the waters, Klongs, and rivers of Bangkok were used for goods, people, bathing and water supply 400 years before Venice was founded. Venice is the Bangkok of the West. Our world, too focused on western history. Outside the city of Bangkok, there is a brewery that uses the River Water to make Singha. Singha is the better of Thailand. Cold is a great beer.

(ok, it is an average beer).

The river that flows through the city of Bangkok to the harbor and thus the world beyond.  Bangkok is a big harbor; it is not Singapore (one of the world’s largest) but an important harbor. It does not have the ancient legacy of Tokoyo and Shanghai. The English arrived in Thailand, but it remained independent. The king, Chula Long Korn is offering president Lincoln war elephants during the America Civil War in the 1860s. An offer that was declined, but welcomingly declined with thanks, but no thanks Elephants would not do well in Snow! OH, the might river. Its water is flowing to the Gulf of Siam, and then comingling with the Pacific and Indian Oceans to join the greater body throughout the world.

Oh, the mighty river that brings life and destruction.


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