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Snow. Yesterday in the DC area it was 90 plus. We are in the midst of a hot summer. July was the hottest month on record, globally in recorded history. We are well past average (31) days above 90 in summer (46 as of today), It has been hot. In the US south, they have hit 100 degrees (without the goofy feels like addition) multiple times this summer. So I am sharing pictures of snow to cool things off. The funny thing is in about three weeks the temperature is going to drop. It is already fluctuating a lot more because the days are shorter. Part of the Northern Hemisphere reality is that longer the day the more likely that day is going to be hotter.

Now, the heat begins to dissipate a bit as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer.

The pictures today are from 2004, from when we lived in Indiana. We left Indiana in 2011 and moved East. We’ve had bigger snows in Maryland than we ever experienced in Indiana (35 inches in a single storm). We’ve also experienced fewer Tornados (0 versus five while we lived in Greenwood). We have been hit with an Earthquake (in 2012( that shook the house) and we’ve survived two very far misses as far as hurricanes. We have gotten soaked by east coast-hugging hurricanes that dumped a lot of rain on us, but rain isn’t as bad as 110 miles an hour winds.

Snow, however, is something I miss. I love walking in the snow. Certainly when we had the 35-inch snowstorm that was tough on our daily walk. When they plowed the roads they created massive mountains of snow where the sidewalks normally would be.  But snow is still far off in the distance. We don’t normally get the first snow that stays until January. We do tend to get colder though by the first week of October. I got my heated jacket out of the attic storage area and made sure I had the battery chargers. I will probably charge the batteries in the next few weeks so that I am ready for that first really cold walk. Now, it is more about staying cool, avoiding the direct sunlight.

For now, it is all about the shade.


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