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Wander project the canals of Amsterdam

The canals of Amsterdam. There are four cities in the world that have massive canal systems. Bangkok is the oldest. Then Venice and then Amsterdam. The King of Denmark saw the canals of Holland and worked hard to make them in Denmark as well Copenhagen is the fourth city with a huge canal system. The canals of Bangkok are very different, and they are called Klongs. But the chances of Amsterdam were ones that my wife truly wanted to see more than anything. It is a long story, but my wife’s family was partially from Amsterdam. Outside the city, but Amsterdam. Holland was her mother’s birthplace. I won go further as that is her story to tell not mine.

So the tulips, the canals, and the people were her people. Our first trip out that day was on the canals riding the canal tour.  Over the next three days was to see as much as we could see. We thought we would ride the Canal boat, then wander to the Anne Frank house. That was not going to happen. When we arrived at the Anne Frank house that day, the line was already heading down the street from the house. We punted instead and wandered to the Red Light District. To say we had been there. The twins wanted pictures with themselves on the edge of the Red light district to show their friends. See, they would be able to say, and we went into the district!

The major discovery at the edge of the Redlight district was two-fold. The only people that wanted to go into the Hogs Head Inn (in the Red Light District) was my wife and my daughter. My wife reported that the place was full of Marijuana Smoke (it is legal there) I waited with the twins outside, they had discovered a Dutch taste treat, the French fry smothered in cheese (sold right outside a place that sold marijuana, imagine that). The twins ate the entire thing of fries happily. We then wandered around the city on foot for a while. Our goal was to eat dinner that evening at my favorite restaurant (I’ve been to Holland 4 times, and that restaurant four times!) The Grasshopper! The dinner was amazing as always.


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  1. You brought back memories. We went on that canal ride but were told about the dirty water (lol) Missed the tulip season and yes the red light area is legal to frequent we were told and I think some from our group did go there.

  2. Amsterdam is certainly the most open and prosperous city in the world … there is legalized grass … almost everything is allowed here … for me Amsterdam is even more so the Dutch countryside is a paradise on earth … tulip land, land of clogs, the land of canals and bikes

  3. Holland is a beautiful country. I know because I went there but it was only on a layaway going and coming back from Luxembourg. Nonetheless we managed to sneak into the Red District as my ex (imagine that) wanted to see it. We also enjoyed a short boat tour. But the one thing I did not like about Holland is that almost absolute liberty the people have like enjoying pot just about everywhere and of course the Red District… But, otherwise, I wish we could have visited it for a longer period of time and more so in the country side. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous pictures. I wish I could have written a comment under each one of them but I am on Google right now and it does not allow me to write comments under every picture. Bing does but I just keep forgetting to use Bing for Virily… BTW can you maybe help me with that?… Just a question…


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