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wander project sometimes Penguins aren't cute…

I shared these pictures many years ago, but in a different order and honestly, these are n response to the Penguin Pictures shared by Pam. These are not cute wild penguins. They are wooden penguins in a front yard. Designed to annoy and frustrate. Designed to make someone regret going outside. My mother and my wife did this to me, more than once. Thirty-five black balloons delivered to my place of work when I turned 35. A singing gorilla, that arrived at my place of work when I turned 36. And these, 40 penguins gathered around a sign wondering poetically, who was now 40. The poem, words phrase whatever it is rings loudly on many lawns, in many countries.

Lordy, Lordy look who is 40. Or sadly as in the case of the sign my mother and wife picked “oh no say it ain’t so, Scooter is the big 40.”

No, one, not in my entire life ever called me scooter. Not even the two people that put the sign in the front yard, my mother and my wife!

Ou can do the same for all the milestone birthdays. 40 was a tough one for me, mostly because of the Penguins. It is hard to see that as you pull into the driveway. I should have been suspicious, my wife wanted to go shopping before we were meeting my family for dinner on my Birthday and my Parents Wedding anniversary. I should have known there was a game afoot. We wandered to the mall so that the penguins had time to get settled into the snow. Then we met my parents and sisters for dinner. Coming home, the sun was down, and the headlights shared those annoying birds in the driveway. I suspect given how I remember it now, and I wasn’t happy then.

Now that I think of it, I still haven’t gotten payback for this.

Now, the game is truly afoot!

there aren't 40 birds watching the sign...

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  1. Oh come on Doc, that is kind of cute. I know it advertises your age but so what really… I just hope when I turn 65 this coming October that I get a big surprise party but probably not. It will just be a dinner in a restaurant which is nice but is getting boring… At least it shows that your mother and wife really love you and just want to annoy you but in a amusing way…. Please no retribution on your part…

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