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wander project Rostock Zoo, before and after

The pictures today are in the Rostock Zoo. The mosaic pictures are by the Mosaic artist that lives in my house. My wife makes amazing Mosaics, and she loves to find them in the wild. I split the Rostock zoo into two parts. Before and after. This picture is from the before part. Like Legoland, we got on a bus and headed to the zoo once we were docked in Rostock.   The first part was waiting for the zoo to open, we got there a full ½ hour before it was open. Once we were in, we walked the out loop path of the zoo and got to see some animals. The zoo didn’t have concrete paths; most of the paths were mulch and quite easy to traverse. The map arguments began after the first turn.

We came to the first map, and the animals that were to be seen was agreed upon. Then the argument about the most expedient route to the animals began. So, after five days of that argument, I just started walking. Everyone ended up following me, and I got the party to the desired animals viewing options. Some of the animals were very hard to see (the lions and tigers) as it was early morning and they were still napping. The weather was a crisp 70 degrees, and we were able to wark around the zoo without any problems. We had some hours to enjoy the zoo. We decided that we would eat lunch and would end our day at the Darwin Exhibit. Well, not end the day, we had things yet to see.

Around lunchtime, we entered the Darwin exhibit. The Galapagos Turtles was an amazing display.  It was sadly the end of before after began when we entered the Darwin exhibit. The story of evolution. It was dark, and I was walking around the corner to see one of the exhibits.  I didn’t see the sloping section of the display case. I fell, landing on the lens of my camera, and driving the body of my camera into my chest. I ended up cracking three ribs. It took me an hour to be able to move again. The after impact was huge. My ribs didn’t heal. Now two mistakes were made by me. The first was not having the ribs checked out at the time. The second was grinning and bearing it.


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  1. I love peacocks so this piece of art made my day. Love all the photos, and your wife is very talented. I wonder if she would ever sell it, but I probably would not sell it if I had made it. Too perfect not to keep and treasure it. Does she sell her art?


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