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Today in the US is a holiday. It is Thanksgiving day. A day to stop and remember family, both those with you and those lost. It is also a day to remember kindness. The First Thanksgiving without the help of the First People would have also been the last. The kindness to those who arrived on their lands and yet they still helped others, shows the humanity of the First People. I am sorry for everything that came after that first Thanksgiving.

I have, over the course of my life had the opportunity to travel: Europe, Asia, and the Americas. I can tell you honestly as someone that has traveled a lot, and the best trip is always the trip home. No matter what, going home and ending the journey is always the happiest. In fairness, it was the happiest for me. Packing my suitcase and adding the things I got for family members was always fun! It meant I was going home. Many times on my way home I was delayed. I have sat in airports all over the world. I know the look on young parents’ faces as their child melts down. Sitting in aborning the adult world for 4 hours or more will drive most children to be upset. It is not a world designed for them.

The longer the delays, the longer the lines at the coffee shop. The longer the lines at the ticket counters. Angry people suddenly delayed now, standing and yelling at a person that does not control the weather. It does not control where the plane is. It does not control the overlapping flight crew or the fact that various flight agencies around the world ask airports to shut down during bad storms. By asking, I mean tell — the board where all the flights are listed ticking up. Delayed, Delayed, Cancelled and the day grows longer. They are standing in the line again to see if I could be rerouted. Listening to the person in front of me berate the poor counter person just for having to say no. Yelling when someone is trying to help you, is ultimately an indication of you — a telling of your personality and the flaws therein.

When my turn approached I could see the counter person cringing. Another lambasting was coming. Another angry traveler was about to tear into them. I would smile and say “looks like you have a worse day than I am.” Remember always the human.


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