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wander project reality – climate change is real

One of the largest problems in the world is the reality of Climate Change. It isn’t something that can be glossed over any longer. These pictures are ten years old and from Shanghai China. I have a friend that lives in Shanghai working for a Canadian Company, and he says the air is not better. It is important to note this is not fog, and this is smog or pollution. One of the greatest problems of our modern world isn’t the smog that is slowly changing our climate (or rapidly depends on where you list). It is the reality of the internet. One of the things that we had in the past was a system of publication that required someone to validate the information you published.

Fact-Checking wasn’t a joke on the national news talking about misconceptions and lies told by politicians. We had a validation system that allowed content to be created, verified, validated and then published. It, information is still validated in many plac3es. What interests me now is the reality of where we are with climate change. You see the earth’s climate has changed in the past. Many times it has come to have similar change levels to where we are today. That allows people to manipulate the numbers and say there is no human-caused Climate Change. I have heard that argument many times, and it makes me sad. First off, the climate of the earth has changed faster than ever before.

Scientists can tell you what the weather has been like for roughly the past 10,000 years. It is a project drilling ice cores in Antarctica that allows us to know what the impact of change is right now. The hottest months ever recorded have occurred in the last eight months. The global hottest October ever was just completed. July was the hottest ever recorded with an average temperature of 62 degrees. Greenland has lost more ice in the past year than ever before. The world is changing. The nature and impact of storms have increased. We’ve had more Category 5 (the highest level) hurricanes in the past two years than the previous ten years. These pictures of smog should be enough to scare everyone.

To validate my points https://research.un.org/en/climate-change/un

Why would the UN need to publish information about climate change other than as a global warning?

smog in Shanghai

that isn't fog that is smog

literally cannot see more than 500 feet

looking down on the city but you can't see much


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  1. I think it’s all too late, dear friend …. planes are the biggest invigorators and currently they are in the air …. how much? … China is a chapter for itself … but then the Chinese come to us as tourists and go with mouth masks … we have 100x cleaner air than they do

  2. It is so sad to think that people have to live in and breath this air every day… On a lighter note, my friend was in Shanghai a couple of weeks ago and according to him, the air was great. Maybe he was just lucky.

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