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Wander project our last hours in Amsterdam

It was cool by the time we got to the line for the Anne Frank house. The day before, when we had arrived, the line was halfway down the block and seemed to wind around three or four times. When we got to the area on the 2nd day, it ended in the middle of the building next to the Anne Frank house. My daughter wanted to see the house. So, we stood in line. We got there about two hours before it opened. As I said, it was cool. The funny thing about cool is when you are walking cool is awesome. When you are standing, still cool gets to be a bit much. We ended up getting hot coffee (and hot cocoa) while we were waiting and we huddled together to try to stay warm.

The emotional impact of the Anne Frank house is tremendous. First, because of my wife’s family history. But also simply because of the loss that Anne Frank’s death represents. Her diary is one of the classic books from the early 20th century. I have been to the house three times and walked away crying all three times. It had the same impact on my wife and daughter. The twins didn’t have the visceral emotional response, but it did make them sad.  It was a wonderful experience and one I highly recommend if you are ever in Amsterdam. We headed back to the hotel after completing the tour. After spending all day standing and climbing stairs, our daughter’s knee was in pain.

The last day in Amsterdam, our daughter couldn’t walk well. She decided to stay in the hotel and rest her knee. My wife wanted to see the Dutch Resistance museum before our late afternoon flight. We were flying back to Copenhagen, late afternoon and then the next day heading back to the US. The Dutch resistance museum talked about the Student rebellion against the Nazi invasion. It talked about the Indonesian rebellion against the Japanese invasion. We got to walk through a wonderful neighborhood to get to the museum. We also got to watch a bridge get raised on one of the canals that fed into the Grand Canal. They were moving building materials through the canal.

It was sad to leave Amsterdam.


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  1. So many memories, Doc. Thank you for taking us on the journey with you through dialogue and pictures. Are the pictures of the people standing in line next to Anne Frank’s house? What an emotional tour that must have been.


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