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Wander project nearly to the Sunday Service!

Sunday, was the wedding of the century, well at least for my wife and I. The first wedding in our Nuclear family and the second in our family overall (my niece was married last September). My sister is planning another wedding now, although my other niece wasn’t aware of the planning that was being done until my sisters notified her of her September nuptials, 2020! I didn’t have much time for family at the event, lots of moving pieces and as the MC, I spent a lot of time focused on telling people what was next. I did get to meet quite a few of our new extended family members, and that was delightful. We ended up with nearly 80 people at the event overall.

The pictures today are of the stuff leading up to the actual ceremony. It is of the dogs. My daughter and my son-in-law both love animals. We had the actual wedding and the reception at a petting zoo for the two of them! But their dogs are really important to them. Their two girls attended the wedding. Our former neighbor’s dog was the flower girl, and my dog was the Ringer Bearer. Since my dog’s nickname is Bear, we called him the Ring Bear for the ceremony. He was wearing a tux! Well it was a mini-tux that fits gently around his collar. Raven also was invited to the ceremony. My brother’s daughter (our niece) was responsible for helping Raven during the ceremony.

The twins walked the flower girl and the ring bear down the aisle for the service. The rings were in a bag around the Ring Bear’s neck (gently tied). The dogs were amazing during the ceremony, but for this initial part we are talking about getting ready. The dogs, other than Dylan all wore Tutus. Don’t ask me why that was something my wife and daughter decided on a long time ago. The flower girl’s escort was a twin, who threw the flowers for the flower girl. The processional was fun. We had an injured father (the groom’s father had broken his foot) and an injured mother (the groom’s mother had hurt her arm). The processional was also short one bridesmaid who was in a car wreck on the way to the event on Saturday.

Photog and Raven in her outfit!

Tamsyn was resplendent in her outfit

The ring bear, in tux!


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