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I suspect during the time I traveled that I missed many events. The pictures today are of my father’s home office. Originally my father had a different office in the house, but when he retired he brought home all his books. The books were so heavy that it made the floor bow a little. So they converted the garage into a new office and put on shelves. The former garage (they added a new garage) had concrete floors strong enough for all the books dad brought home. My dad always loved books. I do as well, but most of my books are on the Kindle now. I don’t have as many books as I used to have. When I was first living on my own, as a young adult I had more than 2000 books.

I realized, moving twice in three years, that having that many books weren’t conducive to easily finding a new apartment. I needed a certain amount of space to store books. So I got rid of them. There was a great used book store in Bloomington, Indian. Well, it is a college town. It probably wasn’t a great store. I suspect I didn’t get the full value, but the transaction was quick and easy. Today I have some books, some from my father that I am keeping, others that are treasures that I will never get rid of. The same with LP’s, I have a few that I have collected over the years. In many cases, I have copies of the LP’s as backups on my phone (using a great product that converts LPs into MP3s).

But I have two shelves of books now, where once I had 4 or 5 times as many books. It is the change over time. I love sitting and reading a book, but I also love having a book read to me. That makes audible a great choice for me. I can walk, sit, be in a plane, or stuck in traffic listening to the book I am interested in hearing! It is a great time killer when waiting for someone, to be able to grab a book and listen!

Anyway, the pictures are of my parents in my father’s old office in Bloomington.  The house that they moved to after they sold the mini-farm. In the office, they built after dad brought all his books home. Oh yeah, and then the kids got the camera, so we have a Dogs eye picture!

my fathers office at home (dad in the foreground mom in the background)

mom on the computer.


inside the eye of a dog!

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I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I love holding books on my hands. It feels real and lively but at times we have to do with digital books. I never seem to concentrate on reading a story online or digitally because I get distracted easily or the temptation to look something else.

  2. Very nice … I admire people who have read so much … books have always been my taboo … I don’t know if I’ve read 10 books in my life … the only books I really read with pleasure are books about Hitler and in general about the whole Reich and their atrocities … this history has always interested me and nothing else

  3. I have always been surrounded by books! That is partly professional – 40+ years working in libraries – but my father always had lots of books and I have continued the habit. My home office has a full bookcase and there are piles on the floor. Every room in the house (apart from the bathroom) has bookcases, and there are more of them stored away in the loft!

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