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Wander project London (again)

BART, in San Francisco, stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit. Washingon has the Metro and Atlanta does as well. Chicago has the L. New York has its subways. But London has the Underground. The Tube. Mind, the Gap they tell you from speakers at every single terminal. Mind the gap is simply reminding people that there is a space between the platform and the underground car. Today a few evening pictures of Westminster Abbey. The pictures I am sharing today all shakey camera. I have mostly taken on the move. I suspect I should have stopped. But there was so much to see. So much to do, that I moved fast. There are great pictures of the Abbey, great pictures of the surrounding world.

But these are the pictures I have — the moments I captured. I will not again, traverse the light questions. Instead today it is all about the images of London.  My all-time favorite Underground stop is Paddington Station, although a close second would always be Lord Pancreas Station. I wonder, was the Pancreas named for the lord of the Lord for the Pancreas?  I don’t want to know. Landing at Heathrow London is one of the few cities that I didn’t go to the cab stand. I just got on the trains and headed off. My first trip, I was lucky enough to meet up with a co-worker that had gone many times. We took the Underground across the city and then headed north to Darby.

But this time, with the Shakey Cam views, we walked. We wandered the Financial district at Lunch. Our hotel was in the district, near a couple of parks. We walked around after work. The one evening we were off to the pub. The rest of the evenings, we were on our own. We are trying different restaurants. The days spent indoors focused on the project. The evenings spent wandering in London. London is a city of old and new. London is a city that has a long, storied history and promise. My favorite thing was to wander the theater district at night. On an earlier trip to London, I had stayed in the theater district. A hotel just off Trafalgar square and Edwards gates (that lead to the park, that leads to Buckingham Palace).


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  1. Signs – One difference I appreciated was the politeness of the signs. Everything in the USA is in command form like ‘enter’ and ‘exit’ while there it is ‘the way in’ or ‘the way out’.
    One also has to love the free museums and government subsidized art in general.
    Those are not blurry/shaky pics – they are ‘action photos’. more exciting that way.


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