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Wander Project connection and disconnection returning to the forest

Robert Frost talked of the trail less taken that in choosing the un-walked trail it was harder at first, but in the end, he was better for it. That the journey itself was a part of the rebirth, then birth again of who he would become. Each of us makes those journeys in life. Often we choose between the natural world and the comforts of humanity. Humans have spent thousands of years perfecting indoors. We have machines that condition the very air and prevent fluctuations in temperature. We keep indoors at a comfortable temperature at all times. Outdoors changes frequently, the temperature rising to levels that are uncomfortable and then just as quickly comfortable again.

The reality is of the connection as well. I wonder if a group of people, 10,000 years ago, looking for food and perhaps a warm cave to sleep in, cared how many steps they took. Did it matter to them that for their health they needed 7500 to 10,000 steps a day? Or were they more worried about living until tomorrow, getting food, and staying dry in a cave? Oh yea, and with luck upon finding that cave, perhaps not already owned by a landlord that resembled a roaring cave bear — fleeing into the night to hide in trees uncomfortably. Did they care that being chased by a cave bear gave them an extra 2000 steps that day> Or that lifting their body weight into the air had a great aerobic impact?

I find myself sometimes walking in nature and realizing my connection. How important that connection is. I know when I was 12, 13 years old, I decided my father as he tried to build that connection for me, with me, He was right, as fathers often are. Right at the moment, but not realized until later that the reality of the world is we need to be connected with the nature around us. That trees have much to share with us as they reach ever for the glass ceiling. I know it takes me more time now to separate from humanity and return to nature. I have to leave my cell phone behind. I have to turn off notifications on my watch and instead ask it to be a dumb smartwatch for a time.

Connecting with nature is so magical, but sometimes so hard now to do.

a squirrel bridge over untroubled waters

  1. I have just returned from the forest. And, there are many bears there that I did not see (thank goodness). I need to disconnect occasionally. Now that I can do it rather completely it is a luxury that I take once in a while. I used Golden Gate Park for brief simulations in the past while I was too busy for a deep dive.

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laying out in front of us, the lake

many trees still green

a hole in the tree or a tunnel to beyond?

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  1. Fantastic photos. Back in Latvia, there were so many forests big and little and so many spots to get back to nature that I miss all that. Here I have lovely nature but in modern spots like the built-up beachfront and an oceanside park but I love the old days of wanding through forests

  2. Great article and wonderful pictures of trees … I don’t think that many years ago people were as burdened as we were and they lived day by day … and that’s how I live now … I don’t bother with anything except Virily hahaha … a little kidding, dear friend

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