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wander project after 29 years we still love to go on walks!

Is it romantic to do things many years after you meet someone the same way? My wife and I began daying in October 1990. I had shared my “When Harry met Sally story a few times in various blogs, and of course in my podcast https://docandersen.podbean.com/e/our-harry-met-sally-story/ ). We used to when we were first dating take long walks. 7 or 8 miles walking between our two houses and talking. Some of the best conversations we’ve had were while we were out on a walk. Now, we had a few years where we didn’t walk. Or, if we were walking it was with the kids. When we lived in Mt. Airy there was a sidewalk from our house to the video store.

We would walk as a family from our house to the video rental place. But for the most part, when the twins were little we stopped walking. Now, we tend to head to the boat on the weekends. But when we put the boat away from the year 9now), we either ride the tandem bike or, like yesterday, we go on a walk. Yesterday we wandered to the Seneca Creek state park. It was a crisp fall day when we started. We drove the 3 miles to the state park, and then once in the park we had to drive for a bit. The trail we wanted to take was closer to the backside of the park. There are two entrances to the park, and one is hard to get to, the other is easy to get to, but far from where we wanted to start.

Mink Hollow, lakeside were two of the trails we were going to walk on. We didn’t take the dogs, which upset them, but they will get over it. Without a twin going with us, my wife isn’t strong enough to restrain a bounding labrador. We encountered a few folks who had the same idea as we did, out in the woods on a crisp fall day. It was also fun to meet the four dogs that were also out and about.  We had a great conversation just like we used to do 29 years ago. There are many things that are different now than were in place then. My wife and I met in Bloomington Indiana. (see the podcast for the Harry met Sally’s tory). We started dating there. We got married in Kirksville Indiana (where my parents mini-farm was). Then we went back to Cincinnati Ohio.

Memories are precious! Share yours today!


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  1. I am currently receiving a virile for comment. However, once I see a post, I get a virile, and when I want to look at the next post, I do not receive a virile. It’s a total mess. I will use the time until I have received the viriles for at least a comment (I did not receive the viriles for this post). 😮
    Times change, but the walks remain. I often think about the good old days while walking.

  2. This is fine and all, but Raven IMed me. There is a list of things for you to do, if you are ever to make up for it. He said he smelled the other dogs and the OZONE on you… You walked on squirrel poop, and several rabbit smells were on you. This list might take awhile, he is still thinking..

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