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Wander project a trip to Mars!

A journey today that has nothing to do with the picture! Well it is a journey to Mars but not using the rocket shown in the first picture. Plus, there isn’t snow on mars, other than the two polar caps. Not a lot of free water.  Rather today is the contemplation of an activity I used to do with my students when I was a teacher. I love NASA. I love the idea of traveling across our solar system to stand on Mars. But I also love the thought experiment what would you take with you to Mars. It has long been something I thought about, considered, and something I have done with adults, children and well my children. I can tell you that with gentle prodding you can get some really interesting answers.

First, traveling to Mars you have to worry about three things, and there are three types of travelers to consider. The types are explorers, terraformers, and tourists. Each of them has a different view of what they are doing and how they are traveling. Explorers don’t need as many creature comforts as tourists would. But explorers will also need more physically available activities so they can continue to be in shape. Additionally, regardless of the types of travelers, you will need a medical team. It is likely to take 30 days or more to travel from Earth to Mars. (the math mapping Mars to earth including angle of launch, gravitational waves and so on is simply amazing ).

The other thing to consider is the weight, and that means each person has a limited amount of stuff they can take. So what would you take>? The reason for the picture of snow, Mars is cold. Most likely you won’t take books or anything like that. Some of the most interesting conversations I have ever had with children were around what they would take to Mars. As a future parent, and then as a parent, I was always impressed with the kids that were honest. Most of them, if they were going to Mars would want to call their parents, but not take their parents. Some of the things kids wanted to take to Mars over the years made me smile. Dogs, Cats and other pets were always at the top of the list.

So let’s end today with what would you take to Mars?

Next stop mars!

sunset in seattle

and soon snow

snow from another state still snow


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