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wander project a breif examination of time

Let us, for a moment start at the end. The ravages of time as time waits for no person. No woman, no man, no child, no dog, no cat not even a building. Time ravages all. It is the equalizer. The force that met cannot be unmet. It is with each falling brick a reminder. The essence of what is time. Time, the small stream that lies in front of us, the present. We always seek that moment that wonder of the present. It is, and it isnโ€™t. Would you, in a path seeking something, seeking a passage to a new place, waste time? Is time the one thing we cannot waste? We were taught in school at that time was limited. The ticking clock on the wall was both a prison and parole.

We are free for the minutes of the school where the bell rings, and the next class, the teacher slapping their palm with a ruler waiting, is still pending. That is, the infinite lies in the time between the moments. That infinite stretches beyond us lie beyond where we are and bring us to a place. Do you remember those days in the past when the building was young, and the bells would ring, and we would rush to our freedom for a moment, for a second. The teacher always slapping their palm with a ruler, waiting. Their control over time was between two bells. Our control of time was between two smaller bells. We, like the teacher only binding to a smaller set of a day.

Buildings crumble, teachers retire, students become teachers. And the cycle continues, the new teachers like the old teachers slapping their palm with a ruler as they wait out the time of freedom. Until they, masters of 55 minutes take, seize control and deliver to the open minds, another day of knowledge. Until the day ends and tomorrow looms large. Tomorrow, in the end, brings the decay and decline of the buildings. The bricks lose their mortar and fall. Fall to the unforgiving ground. Fall to the forgotten land between the bells. That becomes the time when the bells no longer ring, because there are no students. It is both a point of wonder and a point of fear when there are no teachers slapping their palms and waiting for their moment of control.

the streets of belfast

from the window of the customer site, belfast

the safety of children always important

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time waits for nothing


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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. It is great to capture fond memories on camera so they last forever. I always had a desire to see the hospital I was born in and was terribly disappointed it had been torn down, However, I did find a photo of it online and was amazed to see that it looked like a great big spooky mansion, That made me think that since I was born in a place like that it must be why I really love things to do with the paranormal,

  2. The funny thing is, I also planned to post about time but haven’t found an appropriate illustration.

    This is one paragraph from the text:
    Time is the master of obsolescence and novelty, like the waves in the sea, old waves are replaced by new waves, which are also only a momentary age.

    Very impressive, you are framing it in a “time machine” that has taken us to the past. Also about infinity which lies in the time between moments, between the two bells. How then can I not connect duality with this when infinity is integrated with control?

    Great writing, Doc! I really love it!

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