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Opening of the fishing season

To start the fishing season, I chose my favored place – Baranda.

Baranda is one small village away from Belgrade, about 28 km. It belongs to the territorial south-banat district.

Baranda has 1,800 inhabitants and 400 houses. The majority of inhabitants are engaged in agriculture. In the last ten years, a popular TV series has been shot here, Storks will come back so many people from the village participated in the recording as a statistic.

The title of the series links with the place where Rode often nests on the roofs of houses in Baranda.

In addition, there is almost nothing left of nature. Unofficially, there is medicinal mud in that area, and foreigners are interested in investing in a rehabilitation center.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m going there to fish, because there is a river Tamis that springs in neighboring Romania. The water of the Tamis River is clean. it has a lot of meander, sleeves and swamp, so the fish is of excellent quality.

There could be nothing on the first day of fishing. The waves were huge.

The river was flooded with water and spills, and flooded large areas of the earth.

I could have forgotten about fishing that day.

I’ve made several photos that I now share with you to get the impression of the beauty of that place.

There is always a wind, regardless of the season, which is very pleasant in the summer season.

Peace and quiet are only disturbing cows that villagers work on in the past in the morning and singing birds.

That’s why I like to go to Barandu.

Upon returning home, I will be born again and mentally recover.

In the next fishery, if fish catch fish, I will release photographs of caught fish.


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  1. Is there a better hobby in the world? Ribolov, moja strast kroz djetinjstvo i cijeli život. Samo što ja više volim brze, hladne vode. Bistre planinske rijeke, a to opet mnogo zavisi od mjesta gdje čovjek živi.

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