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My ode to Stockholm

I often remember my walkings around the capital of the Kingdom of Sweden. In my view this Venice of the North is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Stockholm is a variety of ancient buildings and modern constructions of very interesting architecture genres, graceful bridges, exquisite fountains, well-groomed flower beds. And a lot of water to enjoy!

I think that Stockholm is really designed for people’s lives, in comparison with the hell of huge metropolises.

Stockholm metro. Each station is decorated in its own style (there you can see even cave paintings!). Trains are very comfortable.

Being in the center of the Swedish capital, you can feel the atmosphere of medieval olden time. The narrow streets of the Old Town/Gamla Stan are charming. Walking around the streets of Stockholm give a sense of happiness, because this city was able to store a piece of its interesting history!

To my mind, the layout of Stockholm was designed with a very careful attention to detail. Modern buildings and shopping centers are in harmony with the existing buildings, and Stockholm neighborhoods are located outside the historic city center.

Finally, let me tell you something about Swedish family life. Swedish fathers are very actively involved in the lives of their children. I could clearly see this during one of my Stockholm travels. Father of three kids was paying attention to them all the time – he was trying to feed one of them, to wipe the face of another and so on. And at the same time their mother was talking on the phone and doing some calculations. The typical “Swedish syndrome”!


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