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Skansen – the unique kaleidoscope of Swedish life

Where can you see all Sweden in miniature from XIX till present? Of course, in Skansen! And where it is? This super-interesting museum is situated right in the heart of Stockholm. Skansen is one of the must-see places when you visit the capital of Sweden for the first time.

In 1891, anthropologist Artur Hazelius invented and brought to life an outstanding idea. He created an open-air ethnographic Museum almost in the centre of the Swedish capital. And a lot of people who had a chance to look inside share the same opinion: it’s so exciting, educational and simply fun being there!

Walking around Skansen, you will get acquainted with the skills of Swedish craftsmen in their workshops, know peculiarities of local residents’ life in the old days, watch different northern animals (seals, reindeers, wolfs, bears and others), comfortably living in spacious enclosures. Also there you can learn about how the indigenous peoples of the Scandinavian North – the Saami –  lived and live, see what dwellings they build in Lapland, listen to the northern sagas and stories.

By the way, you have a possibility to take part in any of the plurality of local events (you are sure to find something for your taste) or eat something delicious from northern cuisine – welcome to Skansen restaurants and cafes.

You can get to Skansen by HOP-ON HOP-OFF boats/buses, trams and even by the cable-car.

Skansen museum is the real Swedish box of wonders!


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    • Thank you very much for your very interesting comment! I didn’t really know about this fact about such attitude to the natural life in the US, was convinced of the opposite. Anyway, to my mind, the chance of living the natural life, even for some time, is very useful for everyone’s mental & physical health.


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