Rarely, a film comes along that touches the very core of our existence and lays bare our deepest emotions. This man Daniel tries to make sense of his, the only way he knows.Ever since he was a little boy, he had one dream, he dreamt of creating music that would open people’s hearts to see the one purpose of being here.

He writes the one song that he feels does this; here are the lyrics, it’s called Gabrielle’s Song;
It is NOW that my life is mine, I have got this short time on earth. Only my longing soul has brought me here.

All I lacked and all I had gained, And yet, it is the way that I have chosen, My trust was far beyond words. It has shown me a little bit of the heaven I’ve never found. I want to feel that I’m alive, All my living days, I will live as I desire.

I want to feel that I’m alive and know that I was good enough. I never lost who I was, I have only left it sleeping, maybe, I never had a choice, Just the will to stay alive.

All I want is to be happy being who I am. To be strong and to be free. To see days arise from the night. I am here, and my life is mine only mine.

And the heaven I thought there was, I will discover it out there somewhere. I want to feel that, finally, I have lived my life.You are incredibly POOR IN SPIRIT IF YOU DO NOT WATCH THIS ACADEMY AWARD WINNING FILM

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