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Lovely sunday spent in Brussels, Belgium yesterday!

What a lovely day spent yesterday. Since we weren’t able to stroll around last week as it was raining, we drove back yesterday and what a beautiful day! I love historic old buildings and churches, they fascinate me endlessly. We first stopped at Laeken Church before heading to Grote Markt which is the centrum of Brussel. What a beautiful beautiful city it is. And of course their waffles! Belgian waffles are the best. The only that disappoint me a bit was the Manneken Pis hahah. It looks quite big on the picture but really just a small statue  so don’t keep your hopes up haha. Visited Brussel cemetery which is also nice but quite small and not allowed to take a pic but i snapped one anyway. We do missed the Royal Palace, we came a little bit too late and it was close so i was only able to snap a pic outside and around it then walk back to the main city for some waffles and ice cream. Enjoy the pic and let me know your thoughts! 🙂


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    • hahaha feeling nostalgia huh. I love them carriage too but haven’t ride one yet..i was taking a pic of something when this carriage pass by and this is just a quick click but i love it anyway haha thanks Andrew! 🙂 😀

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