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Renovating a Trailer into 2-Story Beach Cottage

I enjoy playing virtual reality sites to decorate and sometimes renovate homes. This summer, my project on Yoworld is to renovate the old white trash trailer into a cozy 2-story beach cottage. By renovating, I mean that I don’t use real money in these games. I just save coins in order to buy coin items and homes. It is often limiting because there are more items in Yocash, which I rarely get or don’t get enough of, and so I end up being creative by using old coins homes and renovating them into current themes. This method has helped me think “outside of the box,” in real life.

This first screenshot is the front yard area of my new beach cottage. As you can tell, my avatar is having a lot of Yo parties at Yoworld. She also has two turtle pets. I kept the theme colors and decor in a white coastal style of white wooden decks and white lawn furniture. I also decided to add double glass doors at the side of the cottage to bring in the sunshine into her small and cozy home.

The living room and kitchen have the same coastal theme of white furniture and white wooden deck floor.There are lots of coastal props to further decorate the room, which includes the faded brick walls and seamen and fishermen statue. I decided to add a second floor, which has a relaxing area for her to blog on her laptop as well as a place to do some yoga poses.

Again, the theme is consistent with white wooden deck flooring, red, white and blue colors, and lots of coastal decors. I decided to add double glass doors and a large window in order to bring more natural lighting into her bedroom. She is relaxing on her bed, watching TV, and occasionally checking out her beautiful ocean view from her window and glass doors.

I created for my Yo Client avatar the perfect bathroom. It is so huge that she can actually live in this room. Besides the usual bathtub, shower, and sink, I also added a laundry room, makeup area, two wardrobes for storage, and a cozy lounge area. It looks more like a spa retreat, where she can hang out with her Yo friends, as they do their manicure, pedicure, facials, makeup, and hair together while watching TV.

This Yoworld house also has an Association Pool.

Across the street, there is the local park, where she meets some Yo friends to enjoy the Summer series of Concert at the Park event. They are all sitting and eating the snacks while they wait for the concert to start.

Nearby is the downtown Town Center, where she likes to ride her Huffy bicycle to the grocery store, coffee shop and bakery as well as other stores and services. There are also street vendors selling popcorn, ice cream, and fruits and veggies, similar to an independent farmer’s market.

As you can tell, my Yo Avatar has been busy this summer, enjoying her three months of vacation before she travels the internet in her Travel Blogging career.

This is my Yo Avatar with one of her many pets.


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