Summertime Parties

Saturday, July 01, 2017

It is already the first day of July. Time is flying by so fast, which makes it seem like days are becoming shorter and shorter. It is, therefore, to make most of one’s days and nights, especially during the nostalgic warm days and nights of the summertime. Kids and students are celebrating a three to four-month vacation for going to school, while adults are trying to live in the present moments and enjoy their weekends with their family and friends.

There seems to be a lot of outdoor parties during the summertime, where many people are enjoying the warm outdoors all day long, whether hanging out at the beach, park, or their own backyard. If you prefer to create your own private parties in your backyard, then read on.

The Extended Living Space

Everyone will agree that their indoor living room is the most comfortable room in the house. It includes comfortable couches, throw blankets, throw pillows, flat screen TV to create your own private cinema experience, and it is usually located adjacent your kitchen, where you have endless of yummy, healthy, and free snacks.  So, why not extend your living room to your backyard as an outdoor extended living room under the moonlight and stars. All you need to do is take move your indoor accessories with some outdoor comfortable furniture to your backyard patio. It is all about making your backyard a livable.

Your main outdoor décors are planters and garden.

Outdoor pillows can be easily cleaned as well as they dry fast. But some outdoor pillows with texture cannot be cleaned.

Sun umbrellas are becoming more popular than ever these days, especially if you live in a tropical area, like Southern California. Most people buy it for protection, but they also make your backyard appear like a summer vacation resort. These sun umbrellas are very durable because they won’t fade under the hot summer sun and occasionally rainy days. Some might even have a ten-year guarantee.

Most indoor pillows are machine-washable, while some indoor pillows can be dry-cleaned.

Creating succulent décor and terrariums for décor are the latest home décor fashions. They look modern and sophisticated, especially for homes that have minimalist décor. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, like me, consider fake succulents or creating your own creative terrariums for décor with fake succulents and props.

Outdoor wicker furniture can be left outside all year long because they are easy to clean and maintain. Many malls all over the southern California area have them for their customers to enjoy.

Lanterns with candles are very pretty and decorative. They come in different styles, depending on your preferred theme for your backyard. It is important to be consistent with the theme you choose so that your outdoor living space, and even your home décor, will look like your dream house.

If you have small kids, pets, and klutzy people in your household, then consider battery-operated candles. They are safe, and the light is very soft and romantic.

Whether you drink liquor or not, add a bar cart to your living space arrangement. It helps you become the perfect hostess, making sure everyone in your home and/or parties is always happy and enjoying their present moment.

Whether for a party or just a family get-together, you might also want to create extended outdoor dining. Decorate your outdoor tables with the same décor theme so that everything looks uniform and lovely, under some outdoor lighting, besides the natural lighting of the stars and moonlight.

You might also create an outdoor entertainment area, where you can bring out your TV screen to create a private drive-in theater. Add some blankets, pillows, and towels to make cozy and comfy seating areas under the dark sky. Add a snack stand, where someone can make popcorn, drinks, ice cream, and serve other snacks.

At another section of the backyard, or maybe indoors, some people might be hanging out together playing games, such as backgammon, chess, board games, puzzles, and some interactive physical games.


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