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Watermelon Ice Cream ~ ABC Desserts

Again, almost done with my ABC Desserts series. Amazing how time flies. A few letters left to share. 


I have not tased watermelon ice cream. But I would if I had the chance. 

Two Ingredient Watermelon Ice Cream is the perfect creamy, healthy treat that’s bursting with the flavor or fresh watermelon and is easy to make. 

The healthiest and lowest calorie option is reaching for plain or vanilla yogurt. You can use regular or Greek yogurt. 

The next option is using canned coconut milk.  To get a real watermelon look, stir in some chocolate chips. They look just like watermelon seeds.

Not my photo, maybe if I find a place that sells this tasty looking dessert, I can snap some photos! 

This photo show a small salt shaker for those who like a little salt with your watermelon. 

  • Watermelon Ice Cream sounds tasty, right?

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Written by Carol DM


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