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Summer Treat Ideas

Friday, June 09, 2017

As I browse through Trader Joe’s latest newsletter, I noticed many summer traditional foods and items being promoted. Summer is a time for outdoor parties, whether in your backyard, or at the beach, park, and other public areas. Watermelon, lemonade, Matcha Green Tea, Strawberry yogurt, tortilla chips, salsa, barbeques, dips, Cole Slaw, potato chips, cheese, salads, mangoes, ravioli, mango dressing, liquor, vegetarian quinoa burgers, cauliflower pizza crust, burritos, and mango jicama slaw are just some of the foods for summer parties. And, decorate your home with lots of mini carnations. I also noticed that there is Peach Bellini jam. I recently bought the Peach Bellini wine, which is a product of Germany. I wonder if they taste the same. Moreover, besides lemonade, other summer drinks include mango black tea, Lys Kaffe, Jalapeno Limeade, and carrot juice. Other interesting items include avocado citrus yogurt, vegan nutritional yeast, and Scandinavian Swimmers—which is similar to gummy bears, but fish-shaped, and it appears to be vegetarian. Lots of different cheeses include Manchego, Brie, and cheddar. And, what’s summer without dessert—coffee ice cream sandwiches, mango and cream ice cream, and key lime pie, especially if your birthday is in the summertime. I notice two important items—honey mango cream shave and mineral sunscreen stick. I plan to try some of these ideas, especially the vegan and vegetarian ones because they sound good.

#9 Modeling my sunhat and sunglasses in August.

Then, I think about my summers throughout my life. During my childhood, my later father used to make homemade milk ice cream with rosewater. As I got older, I started watching indie and foreign films, and I picked up placing a scoop of ice cream into a cup of coffee from French films. I also like making my own snow cones as well as icy coffee drinks. I also make blended icy fruit drinks.
Although it isn’t likely that I will have any invitations to any parties, I might check out movies at the park, even though these movies appear to be for young people as well as go to hiking meetups. But when I was younger, summertime was all about celebrating a three-month vacation from school, swimming a lot, and maybe even going on a family vacation somewhere.

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