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let’s go to the sea

These are photos from Porto Koufo in Greece

Porto Koufo is the largest and safest natural harbor in Greece

Porto Kufo is the largest natural and perhaps safe port in Greece, measuring 1,600 m in length and 550 m in width. In translation his name means “Deaf harbor” and this is because the bay is so steep that the noise of the sea is barely heard. It was a hiding place for Turkish pirate ships, and during the Second World War, the Germans used it as a base for their submarines.

According to the legend, the ancient inhabitants named the place because the sound of the sea was not heard in the bay. And indeed – the waves in Porto Koufo look quiet. The water is so calm that the sky reflects the world. The village has a small but beautiful beach, and the views you see here look like scenes from a movie – you can watch sunset, diving with fish, rent a boat or sleep in a tent under an open sky …

Now Porto Koufo is a small village, quiet and peaceful, full of fishing boats, sailing and motor yachts. In the morning, when I woke up at 9am, I had the feeling that we were there alone, quietly and calmly.


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