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Have you heard the quote from K. D. Lang that reads, “The sky is an infinite movie for me. I never get tired of what’s happening up there.”?

This is so very true about the view that I can see from my back yard, the view is always the same, but is it?

Below you will notice a Eucalyptus Tree in the distance. The biggest tree down there. Do you see it?

I will show you the same tree many times… The first one below is the tree on a foggy morning. We have foggy mornings quite often here in Sunny Southern California on the coast. We are one mile away from the beach.

The tree in silhouette form with a bright yellow sunset behind it.

My view from the patio is not always bright. Sometimes I like these muted sunsets. The photo below shows a wide angle scene.

I can really relate to the quote by Audrey Hepburn and so I have paired it with one of my sunset photos below.

The colors…. with a closer look at that old Eucalyptus Tree back lit by pretty clouds my grandmother used to call, “Buttermilk Clouds” because of the lumpy texture.

The colors in this one really stand out. All of these photos are silhouetted. In some sunset photos you see the ground as well. With the newer cameras, they are really good at picking up the fore ground too. I would love to get one.

Some of my photographer friends use lighting to light up the foreground. I love them as they show more of what your eye would see. But…. I still  love the silhouettes as you see below. Remember that tree?

The photograph below shows my view while it is daytime.  No view is ever the same. I love that!

Here is one of the fog, with our marine layer of clouds raising up to kiss the moon.

I leave you with the sunset and the moon! I hope enjoyed my point of view (s).


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