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Young People Show Us Things That Would Take With Them To A Desert Island

From a toilet paper to the cat.

Imagine you have to go to a desert island. Far from the city, all the boring colleagues from work, the former and the future. Forget on civilization, imagine a huge beach reserved only for you. We know that for many of you this sounds like an ideal vacation scenario, but the desert island primarily means survival in nature and the preservation of common sense.

We asked several young people to imagine the desert island, and to think carefully about what would they take from personal items and explain why.

Uroš, 26, a journalist

SweatshirtThe blanket, the clothes, the pillow, it seems to me that it can have a multifunctional purpose.

Comic Book: I would take this one ‘cuz of the title and theme: Condemned to the land, reconciled with the fact that I will live on a desert island.

Passport: In case they find me or my body, to make bureaucracy easier.

Distilled water: Sounds like something that can help.

External Charger: If some natives appear, it seems like I can sell this for some food or clothes, or if they are violent I can say that I can shoot from it.

Sunglasses: It’s nice when I wear it.

Autan (cream): So mosquitoes, tigers or sharks will not eat me.

Hair gel: I don’t go anywhere without it.

Marina, 28, PR manager

Gum for swimming: In all that depressing chaotic scenario where I am alone on the island, I need something optimistic, colorful and sweet. Something that will give me hope that everything is okay. A gum for swimming in shape of watermelon is something like that.

Lighter: I suppose I’m going to find some kind of substitute for cigarettes there. I can also open a bottle in case there is a store on the island. Or to burn a fire.

Powder: I hate when I don’t have it with myself.

Sneakers: Most people were born barefoot, I was born with sneakers.

Toilet paper: My favorite thing in life, probably.

Iva, 28, a journalist

SwimsuitThis stay on a desert island, at present, seems like a very cool idea, so why not take my favorite swimmsuit?

Nose drops: I am addicted.

Hair brush: I am very sorry for Ariel when she is combing with a fork, I will be a siren with a real brush.

Graphic novel: “Patience” to remind me that, if I get bored, I have to be patient and somebody will save me.

Notebook and pencil: And when they save me, I will become famous for memoirs that I wrote in this notebook.

Lipstick: When they find me I wanna be beautiful.

Hair bands: Same.

Cat: I’m not going anywhere without her.

Nikola, 23, programmer

Nimulid: My favorite pills for any kind of pain.

Book: Since there will not be music there, I think it’s okay to take this just to remind myself what is music.

Joystick: Since I can not take whole Soni, the joystick will be enough for the imaginary PES parties.

Camera: Someone will find the camera one day. Photos will come around the world and I will become rich and famous, what I always wanted. Or just famous, if I die.

Sunglasses: I will walk naked with sunglasses. That’s so hot.

Nevena, 28, social network manager

Cap: So the Sun will not kill me.

Small bottle: I would pour my favorite brandy into it and take a gulp every day.

Knife: There isn’t any more practical object.

Lighter: Same.

Hair band: I can tie my hair, I can choke someone, or I can bind trees to make a tent.

Jovana, 32, works in NGO

Beer: Imagine a sunset on a beautiful beach with your feet in the ocean. Far from work, reality and all the boredom. I should use that atmosphere at least on the first day and open a cold beer. And after another one. Then a lion can eat me.

Super Glue: I would try to build a boat, what I know, maybe I’ll need it.

Condoms: In the condom, water can be transmitted or something else, it can serve as a band for binding, something can be lubricated, and if someone comes, because I am the only person on the desert island, we shouldn’t reproduce, so, like contraception.

Hanzaplast: For injuries (I’m sure I’ll get some because I am dumb).

Toothbrush: MUST!

Knife: To peel fruit, not to kill someone.

Coffee: Same as the beer, just a morning scenario.

Let us know in comments what would you take with yourself on desert island.


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  1. I would take the number of a good pizza delivery. A really top quality mobile phone with an ever-lasting charger and £1,000,000 credit. A good digital radio and my dog Frani cause I can’t leave her alone and I have to take her wagon too so she won’t feel bored.

  2. My list:

    Smartphone: I can use it for the first day to play games that doesn’t need internet connection and to listen music.

    Bluetooth speaker: Great thing when I’m alone, so I can listen to music very loud. (Especially “Malibu”)

    External charger: I can charge battery once, so I’ll have battery on phone for the first 2 days.

    Soap: So I can wash my hands in the ocean.

    10 books: Who knows how long I’ll be there.

    Some fashion clothes: No matter if I’m alone or not, I will not go naked anywhere.

    Hair gel: don’t have anything to add.

    Food: To eat, and when I’m done with eating, I’ll save it for animals if they are hungry, so they can eat food instead of me.

    Blanket: In case of rain.

    Friend: So I won’t get bored.

    If friend is prohibited – dog: You must allow me to take him!

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