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Family history: My Great Grandfather a captain


 I was told by my Mom and Dad that my Great Grandfather had been a captain of a passenger vessel at the beginning of 20th century. This doubledecker that you see on the photo sailed along the Volga river and the Kama river. When I became an adult I realised that I could have seen this ship in my teenage years!!! The quite old ship of course was not on the move by the end of 20th century because of depreciation and obsolescence but just think: I really had the opportunity to see the ship with my own eyes… if you love history (including your family history) you will understand me. Now the vessel doesn’t exist any more. When I was a teenager I simply did not think about seeing the ship connected with our family history, this idea didn’t come to my mind.

I had the experience in running a small touristic ship with approximately 40 people on board in the Black Sea. Note that I do not know how to do it. The first mate allowed me to try while the elderly captain was away for half an hour to have a rest (it was very hot), thus I was lucky to manage a ship. I felt so excited when I was turning the helm and saw how the vessel slightly changed its way. I needed to maintain the right direction but the strong wind interfered with keeping the right course, it made me stay alert.

On that day we swam in the open sea, enjoyed our fascinating voyage along the extinct volcano Karadag and came close to the well-known Golden Gate where the tourists make their wishes. Ahoy!!!

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