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SS Cotopaxi. The missing ship in Bermuda triangle have been discovered

The wreckage of a ship that disappeared 100 years ago in the Bermuda Triangle is recovered from the Florida Sea. During the First World War, the US ship SS Cotopaxi disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. There were also 32 people aboard the ship, which after much searching, but could not found.

Archaeologists and divers have discovered the wreckage that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1925 from the ocean of St. Augustine, Florida. The Bermuda Triangle is a typical part of the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. Its one corner  is connected to Bermuda, the other to Puerto Rico and the third to Melbourne and the center of these three corners is called the Bermuda Triangle.

The Bermuda Triangle is a faraway area within the Angle Sea where many aircraft and boats and ships have disappeared so far and to date they have not been found.

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  1. ok, so let’s talk facts.

    1. the Burmuda Triangle is the 2nd business shipping area in the global oceanic shipping. It has no greater disappearance of ships that the Indian Ocean, South China sea or any other.
    2. It is a very deep section of the ocean so per the scientists that found this ship, it is hard to find many of the lost ships.

    Scientists have said for the past 50 years that there is no mystery.

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