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A Short History of the Olympic Games


While I was watching  the Opening of this year’s Winter Olympic Games Ceremony in South Korea, I’ve got an idea to write something about the history of the Olympic Games. The history of games dates to the ancient human past, 2500 years ago. By the Greek legend, Hercules, Zeus’s sun founded the Olympic Games 776 BC on the fields near Olympia town. A thousand of years this games have been held, until the Romans came to power and stopped them in 394.

1500 years later, French Baron Pierre de Coubertin  came to the idea  to revival the Olympic Games. At his proposal an international congress of 15 countries was held in Paris in 1894, where it was finally decided that the Olympic Games would officially begin to take place again. Two years later, the first modern Olympic Games took place at the renovated stadium in Athens. The second games were then held four years later in Paris, France.

Today, the supreme authority of the worldwide Olympic movement  is International Olympic Committee, and  each country has its own national committee deciding on its participation in the Olympic Games.


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  1. The reason the Olympic Games is must see television is that many of the sports stars have their time in the spotlight to perform at their best athletic ability since when the games are over, the sports stars in America return to their normal lives. My only beef is that the media make it sound that getting a silver or bronze medal is worse than robbing a bank.

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