Day 14 of the Winter Olympics 2018

Friday, 3.23.18

I woke up early to work on my graphic novel all morning until noon. But for some reason I got up to take a break and I noticed the time was 11:11 am. I decided to make a cup of Turkish coffee, I then ate lunch, and then I noticed the time at 1:11 pm.

Men’s Biathlon Final 4X7.5 KM Relay: 18 teams start skiing to their first shooting range. Lesser and Gow are in the lead. It appears that the fastest men so far include men from Germany, Canada, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. After shooting range #2, Germany, Slovakia, Norway, and Ukraine are in the lead. It appears that Germany’s Lesser is in the lead, followed by Kazar, Birkeland, and Pryma. Germany’s Doll moves into the top group with Hasilla and Pryma. After the 3rd shooting range, Germany’s Doll is still in the lead, followed by Ukraine’s Semenov and Austria’s Eder. Czech’s Slesingr is closely behind. Sweden appears in the top group. After shooting range 4, Czech’s Slesingr is now in the lead, followed by Austria’s Eder, Sweden’s Nelin, Norway’s Boe, and Germany’s Doll. USA’s Doherty finally makes it into the top group, but Doherty is so far in 6th place. (The current top sequence includes Czech, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Germany, and USA). Soukup, Eder, and Eberhard are in the top group. After shooting range 5, Czech’s Soukup Norway’s Boe, Austria’s Eberhard, Sweden’s Samuelsson and now skiing toward the finish line for a medal. Peiffer is in 5th place and USA’s Burke is in 6th place. After shooting range 6, Norway’s Boe and Sweden’s Samualsson are in the lead, followed by Germany’s Peiffer and Austria’s Eberhard. After shooting range 7, Sweden’s Lindstroem and Norway’s Svendsen are in the lead, followed by Germany’s Schempp. After shooting range 8, Lindstroem is in the lead, followed by Svendsen and then Schempp. As the cross the finish line, Sweden’s Lindstroem wins Gold, Norway’s Svendsen wins Silver, and Germany’s Schempp wins Bronze. Austria is in 4th, France is in 5th, and USA’s Lowell Bailey is in 6th.

There was some figure skating Free Skate by Japan’s Miyahara, OAR’s Zagitova, Italy’s Kostner, Canada’s Osmond, and OAR’s Medvedeva.

By 8:35 pm, it was Parallel Giant Slalom for Men’s and Women’s Snowboarding competition. Two women or two men competed at a time, and the best one of the two moved on to the finals. Czech’s Ladecka beats Switzerland’s Kummer. OAR’s Zavarzina beats Slovenia’s Kotnick. Italy’s Coratti beats Austria’s Payer. Italy’s Fischnaller beats OAR’s Wild. Switzerland’s Galmarini beats Slovenia’s Mastnak. Galmarini beats Fischnaller. Slovenia’s Kosir beats Baumeister. Korea’s Lee S. beats Austria’s Karl. Germany’s Hofmeister beats Austria’s Meschik. Czech’s Ladecka beats Austria’s Ulbing. OAR’s Zavarzina beats Switzerland’s Zogg. Germany’s Joerg beats Japan’s Takeuchi.

In the Women’s Semifinals, Czech’s Ladecka beats Germany’s Hofmeister and Germany’s Joerg beats OAR’s Zavarzina. In the Finals, Ladecka beats Joerg, and then Joerg beats Hofmeister. Therefore, Czech’s Ladecka wins Gold, Germany’s Joerg wins Silver, and Germany’s Hofmeister wins Bronze.

In the Men’s Semifinals, Switzerland’s Galmarini beats France’s Dufour. Korea’s Lee S. beats Slovenia’s Kosir. The score was very close because it was almost a tie. Switzerland’s Galmarini beats Korea’s Lee S., and then Lee beats Kosir. Therefore, Switzerland’s Galmarini wins Gold, Korea’s Lee S. wins Silver, and Slovenia’s Kosir wins Bronze.

4-Man Bobsled involves 4 Runs:

Korea 1 starts. It is quickly overtaken by Germany 2 into first place. USA 3 moves into 1st place, but it is quickly overtaken by others, such as Austria 1, USA 2, Switzerland 1, Germany 1, Canada 1, Germany 3, Korea 1, and finally Germany 2 is in first place. Meanwhile, Korea 1 was placed in 2nd place. But Germany 1 takes over the 2nd place position before it is pushed back to 3rd place. USA 3 is now in 2nd place, but Canada 1 takes over 2nd place, before Germany 3 moves into 2nd place and then Korea 1 is in 2nd place. Germany 3 continues to be in 3rd place and Canada 1 in 4th place. USA 1 is in 21st place.

The Men’s 1000 M Speed Skating:  Two men skaters race each other at a time. USA’s Mantia beats Germany’s Dufter, in which Mantia is in 1st place while Dufter is in 6th place. Japan’s Oda beats USA’s Davis, in which Oda is in 2nd place and Davis is in 3rd place. Korea’s Kim T.Y. beats Canada’s St. Jean, in which Kim moves into 1st place with a new record while St. Jean is in 7th place. Norway’s Lorentzen beats Netherland’s Verweij, in which Lorentzen is now in 1st place and Verweij is now in 7th place. Netherland’s Nuis beats Finland’s Poutala, in which Nuis is now in 1st place and Poutala is in 16th place. Therefore, based on the highest first place winners, Netherland’s Nuis wins Gold, Norway’s Lorentzen wins Silver, and Korea’s Kim T.Y. wins Bronze.

Although I was really getting into the games, I was still becoming tired. I glanced at the time to notice 11:11 pm. But I realized it was almost over for today. So, I continued watching until the end.

Men’s Snowboarding Big Air Final—Run 3:

During Run 3, many men fell, and they used JNS to calculate scores. JNS has to do with using the scores of the first two runs because the third run doesn’t count. It must have been due to weather issues. Great Britain’s Morgan scored 85.50. USA’s Gerard scored 68.25, and he is eliminated. Switzerland’s Schaerer scored 78.50. Then, Canada’s Toutant fell. They used JNS on his first two scores, which put him in 1st place. USA’s Corning also fell. They used JNS, which put him into 4th place. Norway’s Bergrem also fell. They used JNS, which puts him into 3rd place. USA’s Mack fell. They used JNS, which puts him in 2nd place. Switzerland’s Boesiger fell. They used JNS, which gives him a low score of 40.75. Canada’s Parrot fell, and they used JNS. Therefore, Canada’s Sebastien Toutant wins Gold, USA’s Kyle Mack wins Silver, and Great Britain’s Billy Morgan wins Bronze. USA’s Chris Corning is in 4th place and Norway’s Torgeir Bergrem is in 6th place.

Alpine Skiing Team Event for Men and Women:

The top skiers include France’s Noel, Great Britain’s Ryding, Chodauskey, Germany’s Wallner, Germany’s Schmid, Switzerland’s Zenhaeusern, Switzerland’s Holdener, Switzerland’s Yule, Austria’s Liensberger, Norway’s Lysdahl, and France’s Mugnier.

Team Switzerland wins Gold, which includes Feierabend, Zenhaeusern, Holdener, and Yule.

Team Austria wins Silver, which includes Schwarz, Gallhuber, Matt, and Liensberger.

Team Norway wins Bronze, which includes Lysdahl, Foss-Solevaag, Haver-Loeseth, and Nestvold-Haugen.


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