Day 12 of the Winter Olympics 2018

Wednesday, 2.21.18

Speed Skating Team Pursuit involve 3 women per team: Netherland beats USA, placing Netherlands in 1st place and USA in 2nd place. Then, Japan races Canada. Japan wins. Netherland and Japan race for a Gold medal and Japan wins Gold while Netherland wins Silver. USA races Canada for the Bronze medal. USA wins Bronze.

Speed Skating Team Pursuit involves 3 men per tea: Korea races New Zealand, and Korea finishes first place. Netherland races Norway, and Norway finishes first place. Korea and Norway race for Gold and Norway finishes the race first to win Gold while Korea wins Silver. New Zealand and Netherland race for Bronze and Netherland finishes the race first for a Bronze medal.

As I was watching a commercial, I noticed the music and the song, which goes something like “Everyone wants to rule the world.” I glanced at the time and noticed it was 11:11 am.

Men’s Team Sprint Semi-Finals involves cross country skiing. OAR and Sweden are in the lead during semifinal 1. In semifinal 2, Norway and France are in the lead. In the final, there are two people from each team. The top 3 are Norway, OAR, and Sweden. Then, Sweden is in the lead, followed by Norway, France, and OAR. Norway’s Sunby takes the lead, followed by Sweden’s Hellner, then OAR’s Spitsov, Norway’s Klaebo, and Pellegrino. Norway’s Klaebo  and Sundby win Gold, OAR’s Spitsov and Bolshunov win Silver, and France’s Manificat and Jouve win Bronze. Sweden finishes in 4th place, Italy finishes in 5th place, and USA is in 6th place.

Women’s Team Sprint: USA’s Diggins is in the lead, followed by Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. Norway, Sweden and USA move on to the final lap. USA Team wins Gold, Sweden Team wins Silver, and Norway Team wins Bronze.

I decided to take a break and go to a Photography Meetup. So, I recorded the evening Olympics coverage so that I will watch it when I returned.

Again, I noticed the time at 11:11 pm, but I continued working on my Winter Olympics coverage.

Men’s Slalom Alpine Skiing, Run 1, Run 2 and Final:

Italy’s Moelgg is in 1st place, pushing back Switzerland’s Yule to 8th place. Italy’s Gross is in 3rd place. Norway’s Kristoffersen takes over 1st place position, placing Moelgg in 3rd place and Gross in 4th place. Austria’s Hirscher goes off course. Sweden’s Myhrer is in 2nd place, France’s Pinturault is in 5th place, Austria’s Schwarz is in 6th place, and Switzerland’s Zenhaeusern is in 7th place. Great Britain’s Ryding is in 9th place and Austria’s Feller is in 10th place.  In Run 1, the top 3 are Kristoffersen, Myhrer, and Moelgg. In Run 2, the first place position changes from Canada’s Brown to Germany’s Dopfer to Switzerland’s Meillard to Norway’s Nestvold-Haugen to Great Britain’s Ryding to Austria’s Matt to Switzerland’s Zenhaeusern and finally to Sweden’s Myhrer. The 2nd place position changes from Canada’s Brown to Austria’s Feller to Norway’s Nestvold-Haugen to Great Britain’s Ryding to Austria’s Matt to Switzerland’s Matt to Switzerland’s Yule to Sweden’s Jakobsen. Norway’s Kristoffersen went off course.  Sweden’s Myhrer wins Gold, Switzerland’s ZenHaeusern wins Silver, and Austria’s Matt wins Bronze. France’s Noel is in 4th, France Pinturault is in 5th, and France’s Muffat-Jeandet is in 6th.

While watching this evening’s recorded Olympics, I noticed the time is 1:11 am.

Women’s Bobsled involves 2-woman bobsled team. Jamaica 1 beats Nigeria. Then, Germany beats USA, which puts USA in 2nd place. Then, Canada 1 beats Germany. USA 1 beats Canada 1, which puts Canada 1 in 2nd place and USA is now in 3rd place.  Germany 1 beats USA 1, which puts USA 1 in 2nd place and Canada 1 in 3rd place. Therefore, Germany 1 wins Gold, USA 1 wins Silver, and Canada 1 wins Bronze.

Women’s Super-Combined Downhill:

Switzerland’s Gisin starts out in first place with 140.14 and Slovakia’s Vlhova is in 2nd place. Switzerland’s Holdener is now in 2nd place, pushing back Vlhova. Italy’s Brignone is in 4th place. Norway’s Mowinckel takes over 1st place, placing Gisin in 2nd. Italy’s Bassino is in 7th place. Slovenia’s Ferk is in 3rd place. Austria’s Haaser is in 7th place, which pushes back Bassino. USA’s Vonn is now in 1st place, which puts Norway’s Mowinckel in 2nd. Austria’s Siebenhofer is in 4th place. Canada’s Grenier is in 8th place, USA’s Shiffrin is in 6th place, France’s Miradoli is in 9th place, and USA’s Merryweather is in 18th place. Slovenia’s Bucik doesn’t do well either. So, it appears that USA’s Vonn is in 1st place, followed by Norway’s Mowinckel, and then Gisin’s is in 3rd, Austria’s Siebenhofer is in 4th, and Ferk is in 5th.

In Run 2, the first place position changes from Slovakia’s Kantorokova to Czech’s Paulathova to Poland’s Gasienica-Daniel to USA’s Merryweather to Switzerland’s Feierabend to Slovakia’s Vlhova to Switzerland’s Holdener to USA’s Shiffrin, and finally to Switzerland’s Gisin. The 2nd place position changes from Slovakia’s Kantorokova to Czech’s Paulathova to Poland’s Gasienica-Daniel to USA’s Merryweather to Switzerland’s Feierabend to Slovenia’s Bucik to Italy’s Bassino to Slovakia’s Vlhova to Italy’s Brignone to Switzerland’s Holdener, and finally to USA’s Shiffrin. The 3rd place position changes from Kantorokova to Paulathova to Gasienica-Daniel to USA’s Merryweather to Feierabend to Bucik to Igna to Bassino to Vlhova to Brignone to Holdener, and then it finally ends with Canada’s Grenier.  Norway’s Mowinckel is in 4th place, Austria’s Siebenhofer is in 5th, Slovenia’s Ferk is in 6th, and USA’s Vonn and France’s Miradoli go off course. Therefore, Switzerland’s Gisin wins Gold, USA’s Shiffrin wins Silver, and Canada’s Grenier wins Bronze.

Men’s Halfpipe Freestyle Skiing Final: the top 6 are Ferriera, Porteous, Bowman, Blunck, Wallace, and Wise. In Run 3, Austria’s Goehl receives 68.0, which puts him in 7th place. USA’s Wise wins Gold with 97.20, while USA’s Ferriera wins Silver with 96.40, and New Zealand’s Porteous wins Bronze with 94.80.


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