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Winter pictures

Even if the temperatures outside got close to 28 degrees Celsius, all I could think of was winter. Because I really miss snow, I barely saw it these last few years. Summer may be my favorite season, but a little snow in winter would bring back some magical times I used to have as a kid.

Here are some pictures I took 10 years ago, I think. There was still snow, temperatures got really low frequently, and the magic of winter was everywhere!

I’m pretty sure many people miss snow like I do, maybe these pictures will remind you about those winters that we used to have. Enjoy!


Backyard, there used to be more snow, but this looks fine, too.

The road

Nice road behind my house, it was especially beautiful in winter.

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20 degrees Celsius below zero that day! Freezing, but beautiful, it was a great day.

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Cold land

A walk in the snow, always pretty, always fun. Maybe this year I'll be able to do it again.


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Written by Gogata Ionut


  1. Frosty snowy winter is so marvellous but when it is not too long! If it was possible to choose, I would prefer 20% of the year spring, 10% autumn, another 10% real winter with minus 15°C and the rest 60% summer!!!

  2. Unlike the other comments, I will say Great looking Cold Photos indeed, so beautiful and fresh . I just love winter. It is my favorite season after autumn. My least favorite summer is summer because where I live it is way too hot and humid with that humidity engulfing and crushing you. I remember, though, the winters when I was younger. There was a lot more snow. I do not know if it was because there was less picking up of the snow by the city or just plain more of it. But I will have to admit that the winter of 2017-2018 was great as it started at mid-October till the beginning of May. Just great but we paid for it during the summer. As you can surmise I just love winter and can’t talk enough about it.

    • Nice! This is a great answer, thank you! My preferences changed over th years, now I prefer summer because I can do a lot of stuff with my wife and son. But I remember the winter nights from my childhood. I used to go out at night when there was a full moon, shining on a dark blue sky and over glittering snow. The view from my grandma’s house was absolutely magical.
      I need snow and nights like those ones, I want to sit with my family near a fireplace and watch the snowfall outside. Yup, I have a dream ?.

      • The winter we are going to get here in the Ottawa valley where I reside is predicted as being a very mild one compared to last year. I will not be very pleased or happy about that. They even predict that this region will be getting much milder in the next ten years. I just might have to move up north one of these days because I need my cold and wintry winter.

    • Thank you! That is what I was looking for, that cold winter feeling ?. Thank you for all the comments, I can’t reply to comments on individual photos apparently, it seems this problem is still unsolved.