Under the Shady Tree ~ 365 Photos Challenge #7

Sit under shady trees. Enjoying the fresh air and the gentle breeze, often a special pleasure. Together with others or alone, at night or especially during the scorching hot afternoons, will always be an event to unwind, seek ideas, imagining, or contemplate.

Sitting under this mango tree is very pleasant. Of course when weaver ant is not busy mastering the whole tree.

This mango tree has been here since I bought this land and built a house on it. This tree is located in the backyard. Unfortunately, this tree is rarely fruitful and if it is being fruitful, usually only in small quantities.

If you are free, please visit here, enjoy this shade, while enjoying the typical Indonesian civet coffee, who knows the news about your visit plans motivates this tree to bear fruit.

Don’t forget to always be happy, all my friends.

Anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge which was started by John artbytes26 . Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.

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    • I also don’t understand why the tree is so rare to bear fruit, and I’m sure it’s not too old. The tree is also not too big actually, its diameter is only about 50 cm at the base, but the angle of shooting makes it look huge. Anyway, we can sit under while having a cup of coffee there.

  1. What an incredible tree Albert. I am sure in its younger days it was fruitful.
    Perfect photo for the challenge. It does my heart good to see old trees still alive.
    So many are being done away with thee days.


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