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Saturday Morning

I woke up, made my coffee and started editing photographs when I saw a orange glow coming in my window. I had to look outside to see if we had a cool sunrise to shoot. Then I heard it.. splat splat splat, drip, plonk. What is that sound?  I grabbed the camera as you can see we had a rare weather phenomenon here in Southern California. It was RAIN! We haven’t seen rain in a few months so I was surprised. 

I grabbed the camera and coat and went back outside in my pj’s. Coffee can wait. I don’t say that lightly either. 

Anyhow, here are a few clicks from the yard.  


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. A long time since I’ve been in that situation, but I remember how exciting it is to get rain after months without! Your photos capture that stormy moodiness of sky really well 🙂

  2. I can understand your feeling. SoCal borders desert and it is understandable that rain would be a big event. It rained here in Montana today, too…a hard, steady rain. The type of rain that made you hope that it would wash away the scum of the earth. Then the phone rang…okay, got carried away and started impersonating Mickie Spillane, but it was a hard, steady rain. That was followed by a windstorm that took out the power for half the town. I don’t know if it is back, even now. We were fortunate. Still, treasure the moment, there in the desert. A good rainstorm is a good thing there.

    • lol I thought that sounded familiar haha. Well its a good line! I love those kinds of storms, you know, real ones. I used to love to go out on the covered patio and watch the storms roll in, in Arkansas. The lightning the thunder, and wind. Ah I miss those.. Yes, we can get quite parched during the summer months here, so by this time a rain is very welcome. If we didnt have a heavy marine layer of fog a lot of days, we would look like a true desert here.

    • My weekend starts sunday and ends on Tuesday everyweek. I usually just rest on Sunday and then take the dogs out hiking the other two days. My sunday was great, it was a little hot here though, last week in the 60’s this week 100! lol