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Tips and ideas for eclectic interior design style

Eclectic in the interior means extracting ideas, styles, and tastes from different sources. The choice of environment and space is very various. The eclectic style gives you great freedom of action, but you need to successfully bypass the traps: unexpected stylistic freedom can turn into chaos, from the chaos to clutter. Principles of good design: several styles, different luminaries, furniture – great, but then let it to be organized by unite: proportions, colors, materials.

When mixing and combining different styles, there is a certain way of communicating with eclecticism in the interior. Eclectic details create and maintain visual voltages. Most people asked about their home style, telling that they like eclectic, meaning that they love a little from each style. Choose an eclectic if you cannot decide on a single interior style. This interesting mix of furniture and accessories has for some time taken the heart of collectors and interior decorators. Maybe it’s time for you to try eclecticism in your own home?

Main Features

The main features of the eclectic style are the ability to fill the space with the most various, expensive and cheap, brightly colorful and colorless items and accessories. Especially if it’s unthinkable for homeowners to say goodbye to some of them. Personal story-telling details, furniture travel from generation to generation, reflecting the character of the interior owners, thus transforming the spaces into individualism mirrors.

Eclectic style is created via long period of time. Do not expect to see a complete composite combination after your first trip to the furniture store. Your furniture and details will come from a variety of sources, things will be affected by your experiences, travels, and events. Over time, objects that are boring will be changed over time to more interesting, more valuable. It’s important not to be afraid to risk copying the image seen on a magazine’s photo.

Choose what you love, and do not think too much about whether it will fit your couch or armchair. After all, the topic of an eclectic interior is “Your personality”, what you like that will fits. Fill the space with the things you admire, what you like personally and do not think of the harmony requirements of other styles. Make sure all these things have a lasting value.

The furniture 

The eclectic room is arranged with furniture, fitted by color, fabric pattern, size, texture, coating or shape. Look for furniture in antique, worn-out furniture stores as well as in modern furniture stores. Avoid buying furniture kits, rather choose the most beloved item from the kit. A rusted French sofa can be in a pair with a modern geometric couch if the material of both these upholstery is something related or similar origin and the colors are combined together. The upholstery is combined with each other, but in the end they do not have to be boring. Use interesting patterns, it’s enough that they have at least one color, add to the furniture a fun details: beads, embroidered cushions.

Do not be afraid to break the rules, change the purpose of the objects. For example, the functions of the journal table can be performed by the ancient chest. Instead of shelf cabinets, place a shelf over the entire perimeter of the room, put a books on it, a modern vase, antique art items. Hold back the books with bottles and cans filled with stones or coins.

The contrast 

An important element of the eclectic is the contrast. Contrast is aimed at colors, textures, details matching. Have not too many antique objects, combine them with the modern environment. The style of contrasting furniture should be for at least one hundred years, furniture residues from the decades do not provide the necessary contrast.

Rough fabrics are mixed with elegant textiles, worn surfaces next to perfectly crafted, traditional elements next to modern ones. The interior is decorated with collections of similar objects, unique items, items brought from distant parts of the world.

The colors 

The used color palette is very diverse, but as a rule, neutral colors are very important in the choice of walls or large furniture. White, creamy, gray, brownish, cocoa, sea shells, greenish shades, black color are suitable for this purpose. When choosing accents, curtains and down holstered furniture, look for exotic flowers, Indian fabrics. Your eye will see the rich Chinese dragon’s orange color, poppy blossom red and raspberry color, moss greens, and grayish-blue violet berries. Neutral, white and natural wood colors are used not only in the background but also in details. If you are not in doubt, use bright colors also for the walls.


To avoid the impression of a warehouse, focus more on big accents, and use small accessories in moderation, group them together. In the room, create a visual center, it can have a spectacular wall painting, a gorgeous luminary, an antique carved wooden chair. Attracting the attention of visual center will help to avoid the feeling of chaos, and at a later point, the sight will be departed towards the other treasure of the room.

Eclectic represents creativity, innovation. It is an individual-reflective interior, easily accepting changes, personal whims. An eclectic environment can be created in both small and big environments. Enjoy the coherence of all the colors and styles that surround you, and do not forget to leave places for the constantly coming details from the various parts of the world.


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