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Pretty in Pink ~ In Carol's Garden

So many flowers blooming all over the yard right now. Doc has asked that I do a video like Norman did with his garden. I might give it a try but the problem is my garden is in several places in the yard. The front, sides and the back. I could take maybe several videos when the temperatures are not 97 degrees and the humidity is so high you can hardly breathe. It really is a crazy hot summer day and will be for many more days. These Rose of Sharon blooms don’t seem to mind the heat. The three bushes are just starting to bud out and the blooms are opening as well.  I snapped this one this morning.

You can see one bloom in the back is opening up. The bees enjoy the blooms as well as butterflies. Here is another photo I took showing two blooms opened all the way. The center is where the pollen is, which is where the bees are always found. 

Wishing you all a great rest of the day and weekend. I am staying indoors for the rest of the day. The heat is unbearable. I am thinking that may also be the delay with the bluebirds. The nest is built but no eggs yet. Will keep you posted.



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Written by Carol DM


  1. I feel the buds look so mysterious …
    like a new start but never know the start of what ….
    and how they’ll end up looking as not all bloom the same way!
    and some sadly wouldn’t bloom fully

  2. I really enjoy your pictures ..At us in the Balkans, it’s cold at the moment, the fall of the rain … floods ..Your images improve my mood.

    • Thanks I appreciate your words. I would like to have some cold weather, I prefer it to the hot, but there are no flowers. So glad you can feel better by looking at my images. 🙂