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Rose of Sharon ~ In Carol's Garden

I went out in my front garden a little while ago. Checking on my Rose of Sharon bushes. I talked awhile back about Japanese beetles that can invade the bushes. They are looking ok right now. I do see some leaves with beetle damage but as a whole, all three are surviving and blooming. This photo was shot from the bottom of the bush, showing the blue skies. Amazing how tall they are getting. I used to be able to touch the top.

The bees are loving it. They go straight for the pollen. It is hard taking a photo without getting a bee. Not complaining. I just have to move slow so I don’t startle them. The last thing I want is a bumble bee sting. So I got a few photos of the bees enjoying the nectar. This one was funny. It was like he was inside a pillow.

This was a close call. I got close and the bee started to fly out. He was faster than I was, especially with the camera in my hand.

I hope you enjoyed the photos and story. No videos of my gardens yet but I continue taking photos. Maybe next year if the weather permits I will do the videos like Norman. We will see. Remember to stop and enjoy the little things in life before they pass you by.

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Written by Carol DM

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  1. This is your funniest post I’ve ever read! OMW just thinking of you running away from a bee with your camera in hand is classical comedy. Your photo’s are magnificent and as for the bee, it reminds me of a series I need to continue upon. Thank you Carol you are a special star!

    • It would have been a funny video Bradley. I keep a close watch as I never know when they will turn and come after me. But I get so caught up in the photography they catch me off guard. The hazards of nature photography. But it is so worth it. Looking forward to your series.

  2. your rose of Sharon is awesome I have 2 of them that someone gave me that they didn’t know what they were when they were just a ft tall & now 6 yrs later I have been looking at the blooms they are putting out & from the looks of yours to mine I finally see what they are now & they are so pretty.

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