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Favorite comedies

I like TV comedies and I wanted to ask you about your favorites. Here I listed some of the very bests. Well, it is...

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Bush on the wall

We went for a walk at weekend. As we live in a very nice area, it was a good walk. I saw this bush...

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Hello Bird!

Last December we visited the local zoo. It was a great day and I took this photo of a bird. Personally I like the...

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Poinsettia in the shopping center

I was browsing my photo library on my phone, when I found these photos. I was at a shopping mall at the end of...

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Look at this bush!

I was browsing my photo gallery in my mobile phone when I found this picture. This flower is beautiful, isn't it? It blooms in...

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Favorite comedies

Bush on the wall

Hello Bird!

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