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Make sure the path you follow includes dirt…

More of the country side in Southern California, the dogs and some flowers n stuff. 

Enjoy this look back from two years ago on this day. 

#1 The sky

and a giant Live Oak Tree. If you look closely at this photo on the bottom left side you can see where I am heading. See that crevice of red/brown dirt? 

That's it! That is where we were heading. This was two years ago on this day. 

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#2 The gravel road

is where we started off. Now to find a coyote trail to get us to that red canyon.. Sometimes you have to make a trail bigger that a coyote has used. This was one of those days..

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#3 Tiny flowers

blooming on the bottom of the frame. The gravel road is now a trail.. We did find a coyote trail to that canyon. I had to put away the camera and brush wack. My son lead the way with a machete. 

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#4 The edge

of the canyon. Those marks on the bottom I suspect are mountain lion claw marks. The angel of the camera makes them look big. They were about the size of my hand, maybe a bit larger. This was a 20 foot jump from the bottom. 

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#6 The easiest way down

was right here. The red was so bright! 

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#7 Maggie Mae

used to love to hike. RIP my Maggie Mae. She lived to be 20 years old. This brought back great memories. 

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#8 The colors

were enhanced to show what my eye saw. These colors are actual real colors but the camera had a hard time with them as it was straight up noon. 

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#9 On the way out

of the canyon, these were blooming. They made me smile. The dogs wanted to head to the water. The creek is just a short distance. 

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#10 All I had to say

was go ahead, GO SWIM. This is what I found by the time I got there. Grins. Penny the little dog does not swim, but loves getting her feet wet., Meika on the other hand loves to swim! 

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